Monday, August 25, 2014

Garden Post!

How's the summer treating my garden?

The sunflowers are blooming!

Which is making the bees happy.

The zucchini is starting to pump out delicious green squashies...

... so is my favorite chocolate zucchini cake far behind?

The Sungolds are ripening...

... and are ready for pizzas, salads, or just snacking.

The basil is looking good, too!

Which means...


 what is that?

Well, it's homemade pesto.

I made it from an easy-peasy recipe found on Autostraddle;
the problem is the bright purple basil
which I THOUGHT would make a cool violet pesto
 instead ground up to a not-so-appetizing greenish-grey paste.

It tastes good, though!

So I'm just calling it an homage to a classic Disney dish.

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