Friday, December 6, 2013

What Have I Wrought?

Oh, hubris.

I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago of
bragging on the tomatoes I'm still harvesting here in sunny SoCal.

But then!
This week we got a

This happens roughly every, oh, never.

What should I do?

Well, I knew from reading about other folks' experiences
 that I was supposed to keep them warm?  
Protect them somehow?

I started by dragging some into the garage, 
which thankfully had some room, now that my offspring
have emptied it of some of their debris valuables.

But which to save? 
 I have over a dozen tomato plants still producing!
It was like Sophie's Choice out there in my  garden!

(No, you do NOT get a picture of Meryl from Sophie's Choice.
That movie (and book) wrecked me.
I will allow you to see Meryl happily singing and dancing
in Mamma Mia, instead.)

But I had a whopping big piece of plastic from the futon mattress
I just installed in The Boy's room...

... and a ton of towels, and so far, so far,
(fingers crossed)
both my indoor tomatoes and those toughies in the garden
 seem to be surviving.


Because I'm not that interested in making
tomato popsicles.


  1. It's been forever since I caught up here, but now I have! As always when I come here, I enjoyed myself. That's What She Said! Or I said.

    1. Well, I welcome your presence! A (very proper) That's What She Said. ;)

    2. Tomato popsicles?? Blechhhh. You have gone too far with the tomato stuff.

    3. Not MY recipe. I prefer my 'matoes savory.