Sunday, April 22, 2012

Newspaper Pots. AGAIN.


AGAIN, there's funk and fuzz on my newspaper pots and little paper cups,
despite my racks and  drainage holes .

Maybe I need a little fan going, for air circulation?
Even less watering?
More distance in between them, so crud can't pass from one to another so easily?


I'm going to just shove what I already have in the ground, and hope for the best.

The crazy thing is, I have a bunch of the newspaper pots I thought were too moldy to save
that I had just left on the patio the last couple of weeks.
It rained super-hard one day, and it's been really hot the last couple days, but 
look at them:

What?!?  Does some benign neglect actually HELP newspaper pots?

Next year, I'll try some new things.  I'm not giving up on paper yet.
But I'm not going to start anything else from scratch at this point, 
since it's time for this stuff to get growing outside!

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