Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Parenting Humblebrag

Have y'all seen this Verizon commercial,
about how girls are subtly steered away from science?

Well, it just made me clutch my feminist heart.

And I had to ask myself,
"Did I do that?  Did I not support The Girl?"

I mean, I still feel bad that I didn't show up
for all her academic awards.

(She got so many, y'all! It would have been a full-time job
to show up for all the award ceremonies!)

But then I reminded myself that a few weeks ago
she marched across a stage in a lab coat
to receive her biology teaching credential...

(The Boy, The Girl, and The Beau.)

... and she recently changed her Facebook profile picture
to one snapped of her at a science/teaching workshop, 
holding a human brain.

So, yeah.

Maybe I didn't do so badly on the encouraging-science front, after all.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tell Me What You Neeeeed!

As I wrote before, I loooove getting feedback
for my Little Free Library.

BUT, so far, I haven't received everything I hoped for.

Do you see my blank notes?

Do you see what I've labelled these blank notes?

Yes, I asked for "Questions, Comments and REQUESTS."

So far, I've only had one (unsuccessful) verbal request.

But, today!
Along with a nice comment...

...was a request!!


Although I didn't have the book (and it was out of print) ...

... Amazon had it used for a penny plus shipping.

(Please don't tell me that Amazon is awful.
I need it like I need oxygen and yogurt.)

Aaaanyway, now that the book is on the way,
how do I let my patron know?


Why don't I just put up a note?

Yup, that should do it!

Now, fingers crossed that my patron returns!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Li'l Gift From Me To You

As I wrote before
I always try to include a little somethin'-somethin' in my sold Etsy packages.

BUT, sometimes customers buy more than one Harry Potter quilt,
or sometimes they buy something small,

So what could I include in my packages besides a Gryffindor tissue holder?


What about some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean?

The problem is,
while I enjoy playing Bertie Bott's Roulette
 as much as the next Harry Potter fan,
(take a bean, eat it without looking, pass bag to next victim  player)
those store-bought things are not cheap.

So... why don't I make my own?

After noodling around Pinterest,
I decided to use upcycled paper lunch bags as my containers.

I CAREFULLY cut off the bottom of the bags...

... then cut what was left into two pieces.

I rotated those two pieces ninety degrees, and cut them in half again...

... so now I had four rectangles of paper.

See those two folds?  Not the middle one, the two on either side of it.
They're the perfect place to fold over...

... and glue.

Next I folded up and glued one open end...

... and "pinked" the last open end.

I decorated the outside, filled 'em with Trader Joe's Gourmet Beans...

...and folded over the tops and secured them with twine.

They're not as fancy as the store-bought kind, 
but I think their primitive look 
is closer to what the witch with the trolley was really selling.

YOU BETCHA, Trolley Witch!
Load me up!

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Need To Stopper My Ears... Or Better Yet, Cover My Eyes

Y'all are familiar with sirens, right?

They supposedly lured sailors to their doom
with promises of smooches and other fun times.

(Btw, interested in pictures of women's bosoms?
Just google "siren."  You've been tipped off/warned.)

What's my own personal siren's song?

The Dollar Spot at Target.

I CANNOT resist that area,
placed so invitingly right near the entrance
and overflowing with cheap Chinese imports.

Case in point:  this lovely hat? headband?
 that I decided to buy last December.

I mean, c'mon.  I can get my dork on with the best of them, 
but was I REALLY planning to wear this,
or did I just think,

However, there is one category of purchases
 for which I usually do NOT later experience buyer's remorse,
and that's classroom stuff.

teachers usually end up opening their wallets for classroom supplies,
so bargains are much appreciated.
There are all kinds of crafty items, 
and there's terrific goodies for end-of-year gifts.

For example,
the second grade class I worked in did an insect unit
 as the year wound down, 
so I found the perfect gift for them in the Dollar Spot:

bug catchers!

I put a label on them reading 
"Don't get "bugged"... have a relaxing summer!"

Because just like with the Dollar Spot,
I'm also incapable of resisting a corny pun.


Since I don't eat pork, I was able to resist this Dollar Spot goody.

But... just barely.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


This post is for a select group of people.
Everyone else can read it if they want, but just know:
it's aimed at a group for whom the words 
"whojackie," "the list" and "meta" mean something very specific.


So.  There was this awesome online site called Television Without Pity.

It was a sometimes enlightening, sometimes infuriating,
but always entertaining place to hang out
and discuss favorite -- and not so favorite -- shows on TV.

One show that fell firmly in the "favorite" category for me 
and many others was the 2005 - 2009 show My Name is Earl.

Starring Jason Lee,
it was profane and hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt,
and I loved it from the very first episode.

It followed loser Earl Hickey, who, after a brush with death,
decided to turn his life around and do right by the people
 he had previously done wrong.

I and my fellow fans enjoyed discussing the show on TWoP post-airings,
but for the season two episode, "Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck,"
we were in for an awesome surprise.

"Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck,"
or as we would later dub it, "our episode," 
told the story of how Earl was trying to make amends
to a dead guy, Josh, by throwing him a funeral.

(Yes, that's John Waters playing the funeral director.)

Unfortunately, it seemed Josh had no friends to attend said funeral,
until Earl finds out he actually had a wide circle of online friends.

And one of the groups of friends?
Posters on TWoP.

Earl noted that Josh posted on TWoP under the name "whojackie,"
and he was shown in a flashback typing while saying aloud 
(in that self-important tone of voice
 familiar to anyone who has ever posted anywhere):

"No, I don't think shows should do more meta jokes
 that cater to the online bloggers
and I'm sure everyone at Television Without Pity Dot Com 
agrees with me."

Augh!! Shout-out to TWoP!!

And when we hit the thread
for discussion and internet high-fives...

... poster hlisy noted that that very post we
just heard Josh say in the episode

"Whojackie" had been posting almost since the beginning!

We responded to whojackie as though he was creator Greg Garcia,
(which he was)
but Garcia kept the joke going by replying 
as though he were other characters from the show,
 Joy and Darnell, who supposedly now had Josh's computer;
"Joy" invited us all to whojackie's funeral.

(Joy and Darnell, 
played to perfection by Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples.)

Poster BStu also found that keepin' it meta by emailing "Joy"
got a reply in character, so we soon were all joining in the fun;
for example, I had this exchange with Joy:

Dear Joy:  Thanks for the invite to whojackie's funeral.  
Unfortunately, I'm all the way in California,
 and don't think the Big Grey Dog would get me there in time. 
I did donate some money in his memory, 
because he was an okay guy: he may have gone off-topic sometimes, 
but he was never a troll.

I have a quick question for Crabman:  is he still selling any "produce"?
 I heard he was quite a good "gardener."
Your friend on the Wide Wide World of Web, LiberryLady.

And my answer from Joy:

Hey Liberty Lady.  I know a wrestler named Lady Liberty. 
Anyway, Darnell don't sell weed no more if that what you're hinting at.  I can give you another dude's name if you want.

("Liberty Lady" would show up as a character later on, btw. And no, I didn't take Joy up on her offer of the other dude's name.)

That money I was talking about?
We ended up doing a "memorial drive" for whojackie,
and donated the money to Make-A-Wish. 

The story didn't end there!

After a few months, whojackie asked if anyone was available
to participate in the dvd commentary for the episode,
and the lovely NoirCommeMoi and I volunteered and did so.

(Greg Garcia, NoirCommeMoi, me, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee.)

NoirCommeMoi and my write-up of the recording starts here
this blog post has already gotten waaay long,
so check it out on the WayBack Machine if you're interested.

And speaking of the "WayBack Machine"...

Y'know, the end of TWoP isn't the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

We were talking about TV shows, after all.
But we made each other laugh, 
we supported each other in tough times, 
and just like in the Earl episode,
we were a community of friends.

I'll be sad to see all of our pages and pages of conversation go.
But other posters and I have done a little bit of saving;
 has been archived on the Wayback Machine. 

So, goodbye, everyone at TWoP!
You'll be missed!
I hope I'll see you over at previously.tv

It doesn't have the history,
but the conversations are still going on.


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