Saturday, October 18, 2014

Throwback... Saturday?

My sister recently unearthed some photos from her garage:

Nope, that's not some gauzy Instagram filter;
it's an honest-to-goodness photo from 1972.

I'm the one standing in the back, and the tiny red-haired lady?
My great-grandma O.B.,
born Ernestine Stockstill in 1898.

Here she is as a pretty young girl:

Family lore is that her father was a riverboat gambler,
and whether or not that is true, 
she certainly had both the affinity for cards
and the salty language to make it believable.

I dunno... I love how easy cellphones and digital cameras
have made taking a photo,
but I worry we'll lose out on the delight of finding an old photo.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Speedy-Quick Quilt

A quickie post for a quickie quilt!

I had this amaaaazing mermaid fabric.

But those mermaids are about nine to ten inches high! 
To show 'em off, I would need huuuuuge blocks.

So instead, I decided to go old school...

...and use a big ole piece of the fabric, uncut.

Here's what I did!

I used:
about 1 1/4 yards center fabric
about 1 1/4 yards of the framing border fabric
about 3/4 yards binding fabric
six different strips of 3 1/2" wide fabric

backing fabric


First, I cut the mermaid fabric about 40"- 41" wide by 56" - 57" long.

(I made sure not to cut off any mermaid heads.)

Then for the framing border, I cut 12 strips of fabric,
3 1/2" wide across the width, 
and for the binding I cut 7 strips,
also 3 1/2" wide.
(I like a nice wide binding.)

Now, depending on the width of the fabric, you might only need
11 of the framing border strips; 
sometimes fabric ends up 44" wide;
sometimes 40" wide.
But 12 strips will ensure you have enough.

 Sew those border strips together into one looong strip.
Do the same with the binding strips.

Now, take your six different fancy border fabrics
and cut them each into RANDOM sixths.
Don't make them all the same length!

I added a little bit of the binding fabric, 
but it turned out I didn't need it.

Sew those into one looooong strip, too.
(I did them in the same order, but you do you.)

 Then I just sewed on one framing border,
lay out the fancy border and sewed it on,
then added the outside framing border.

I quilted it all over,
bound it with a 1/2" wide finished binding, and...

Boom!  Done!

I doubt it took me more than ten hours from start to finish.
It nicely fits the top of my full futon,
and it really brightens up my spare room!

Ask me in the comments!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Incredible (Book) Journey

So this showed up in the mail...

It was a book I had added to my Little Free Library, 
and had been sent from a public library a town over.

I put my address on the label so people could find their way back,
but it was nice that a book did.

And while I know this mailing stamp probably means
the package has been sent from a library...

... I'm choosing to believe it means it was sent to a library.

Because it was.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Garden Stalwarts

Do you know that in mild SoCal tomato plants can go around the bend
It's true!
We get frost rarely enough that tomatoes,
many of which are "tender perennials,"
 can just keep on chugging along.

Case in point:
this Costoluto.


It was a volunteer the summer of 2013,
but it's been reliably pumping out tomatoes ever since.

I counted about sixteen healthy tomatoes on its lanky stems,
including this bulbous beauty.

I also have a Black Krim that volunteered in a Topsy-Turvy last summer...

and it's also been reliably giving me super-tasty tomatoes.

So, my garden advice?

If something flourishes in your garden,
run with it.

Why fight your climate and try to grow struggling plants?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What Time Is It (Almost)?

Guess what I bought at Trader Joe's today?


The first pumpkin of the season!

All you Halloween haters?
Need a little visit from Kevin Bacon,
so you can get that stick out of, well,  you know.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Request!

There's been another request with my Little Free Library!

Fortunately, both books were available for just
fifty cents each at my local 

for the third time,
I haven't had luck actually getting my patrons to pick up their books.

What's a library lady gotta do,
stake out the library with some surveillance gear?