Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summertime, And The Livin' Is Lazy




Watcha doin'?

This has been a production of
"Me and the Internets,"
which can be seen every day, 
all day,
in my house.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why The Worried Face, Minnie?

What's up, Minnie?

Are you wondering about the blog name change?

Yes, this blog used to have a name
that was just the teensiest bit saltier.

But now I have my teaching credential...

... and I don't want a student doing a web search
and sharing on the playground that
Ms. P. used a bad word!!!


Why am I covering my face with my credential in that photo?

Because I went to this event in the morning
and you can imagine what my hair looked like once 
I took off my wig!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Goodbye To The Cohort

My countless half-dozen followers know that 
I've spent the last nine months student teaching.

The journey has been grueling;
if the path to my BA was like going on a 5K Fun Run...

... then getting my credential was like an Iron Man Marathon.

"Jaysus, bring me sweet death."

It was the hardest thing I've ever done,
but one of the things that made it possible
was the thirty-one other student teachers
with whom I spent the last year.

A handsome bunch.

I met this group of fellow student teachers back in August.
Through a school glitch,
we were the largest group to go through the program.
We would hear this fact ("There's so many of you!")
with eye-rolling frequency... 

...but we turned it to our advantage.

Crammed into a room more suited for twenty-four students,
we developed the camaraderie that can come from dealing
with a stressful situation with humor rather than sourness.

We decorated the room with banners and our artwork,
carpooled, ate together, and cracked each other up with
just the words "schwa", "eleven," and "gefilte fish."

"No, YOU gefilte fish!" 

Our motto was, "We laughed, we cried, we did origami,"
in honor of our much-loved math teacher who finished each class
with a new origami project.

Our graduation was a month ago,
and gave me one last opportunity
to spend a happy few hours with the cohort.
I handed out WWFD? bracelets
(another in-joke that stood for What Would Finland Do?)...

...we shouted "Schwa! Schwa! Schwa!" one last time,
and a woman popped open a bottle of champagne that
we passed around like communion wine.

I won't post the picture of my co-hort drinking
-- teaching is one of the last professions with
weirdly strict morals clauses --
but you can see me reacting like a happy, happy child
to the prospect of sharing a sip before we walk.

"Me next!  Me, me, meeee!"

To give you an idea of my affection for this group,
despite coming from a generation where the only ink a woman sported
was a reminder written on her palm with a Bic...

... if they said, "Let's all get matching tattoos!"
I'd say,
"Let me get my car keys."

Sunday, April 12, 2015

They Can't All Be Winners...

Every once in a while,
I get a note in my Little Free Library.

And then last week,
I got THREE notes in my Little Free Library!

The first one:

No rush, little dude!

The second one:

Aww... how sweet!

But the THIRD one:

all righty then!

As the peevish and mercurial Andy Bernard would say,

"Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship
Little Free Library."

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where I've Been

I've been craaazy busy, but...

Roll it like ya stole it, baby.

Roll it like ya stole it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Get Down Wit Yo' Bad Self

How much did you love Guardians of the Galaxy?

It was the most profitable movie of 2014,
so I know I wasn't the only fan.

And since the seventies soundtrack
reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart,
I know I wasn't alone in my love of the music, either.

 A plot point of the movie is that there was an 
Awesome Mix Volume 1 (which was the soundtrack)
and an Awesome Mix Volume 2,
of which we heard only a single song.

So pretty much from the time I headed out of the theater,
I've been wondering just what songs should be on that second mix tape.

I am, after all, a child of the seventies (Class of '79 is Fine!)
and am therefore pretty familiar with the music.

I spent months writing song titles on Post-its,
and trying to figure out the perfect blend of pop, soul and rock.
Once I had done so, I made a mix tape (cd) for The Boy,
since he was also a fan of the movie,
and the whole set-up for the mix tapes is that they were given
to the main character by his mother.

The results?

Awesome Mix Volume 2!

All the songs were ones I loved without irony in the seventies:
some I danced to,
all I sang along with,
and one was even an "our song."

This is a soundtrack to long car rides,
slumber parties,
and dances in the high school gym.

And what did The Boy get me?

Seventies Soul and Funk!

Oh, yeaaaaah...

I believe it's going to get all
up in here!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Everyday I'm Hufflin'

I got an AWESOME Etsy convo from one of my customers!

Look what she did for her daughter:
it's a Hufflepuff bedroom!!

HP Room Final 27

I love it so much!
She bought the Hufflepuff bunting from my shop,
and got tons of other cool items from other Etsy sellers.

Head over to her blog post for more photos
and the links to the different shops she bought from.

I was thrilled to see this room,
not just because it has my bunting in it,
but because I'm a sister Hufflepuff.